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The Ultimate Funeral Planning Checklist

We have compiled a list of things that need to be considered when planning a funeral or any type of memorial service including cremation. Overwhelmed? PlanB4 takes way all the worry and stress by taking care of all the arrangements ahead of time. With a little investment you can have all your funeral plans in order without having to pay all expenses upfront.

A Funeral Planning Checklist

  1. PlanB4 – The most important thing you can do is make plans in advance. Don’t over complicate anything.  Just start with the basics like burial, cremation, donation to medical science, or even burial at sea.
  2. Determine your budget ahead of time – Change your pre planning choices, if necessary, in order to reduce the financial burden. Remember even if things seem expensive now, the cost of dealing with unexpected or unforeseen events resulting from unplanned scenarios will far surpass the planned funeral cost.
  3. Don’t be Afraid to Share – Be open with your family and loved ones so they are aware of your desires.
  4. Arrange the details of your funeral ceremony or memorial – Even the smallest detail will go a long way in helping your designated representative move forward with your wishes.
  5. Make financial arrangements – Figure out if you can cover the funeral cost. Consider a preneed contract.
  6. Know what is in Each Package – look closely into the various packages that the provider is offering.  Always ask for an itemized list of what is included upfront. Also ask them to include the exact price for each item as well.
  7. Choose a florist  – Floral arrangements can be quite expensive. Make sure to take some time on this one.
  8. Decide on type of casket – Another big investment. With varying costs and types available planning ahead for this is paramount.
  9. Cremating instead? Make sure to choose your desired cremation container.
  10. Obituary completion.
  11. Choose a funeral home.
  12. Food & Drinks.
  13. Choose photos and items for the memorial.
  14. Obtain the death certificate.
  15. Pick the Eulogy Giver.
  16. Pick any other readings to be done.
  17. Choose the desired clothing for the deceased.
  18. Music – This may not seem that important. Often times a family member will regret or not approve of the music selection leading to unnecessary  quarrels.

There is so much that goes into planning a funeral. Let PlanB4 help take out the uncertainty and stress. Our planning center and services offer a platform of comfort and privacy so that important conversations can be shared, questions asked, information gathered and meaningful plans made. Our services generally result in a significant savings to our clients both financially and emotionally.