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“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.”

-Tom Stoppard-


Transferring a Plan

Any funeral plan, regardless of whether funded or not, can be transferred to a different provider.  There is no contractual agreement that stipulates that the creator of the plan must serve the plan.  Depending on your needs and the content of the agreement, there are always pros and cons that define suitability.

It matters not the reason, if it is a thought or desire; then a transfer should be pursued.  However, such a decision should only be made with educated guidance, qualified options and total understanding with respect to what may be at risk vs. what may be gained.

Independent advisement is critical in converting an existing funded funeral plan from one provider to another.  A pre-paid funeral contract is constructed with itemized costs that reflect goods & services to be provided at a future date.  Therefore it is imperative to assess where the pre-paid funds are invested, the present value and then determine if there are advantages to proceed with the transfer.

All plans are portable.  It is not knowing what you don’t know that can make the process complicated, but certainly achievable when you PlanB4.

Plan Transfer

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