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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

- Benjamin Franklin -

Medicaid Spend-Down

Properly allocating finances for purposes of funeral / cremation services is an exempt asset, and permissible, before qualifying for Medicaid eligibility.

This is a regulated process that requires expertise in knowing how much money can be funded, for what purposes, necessary documentation and acceptable funding methods with an approved preneed escrow company.

There is no funding limit as it relates to a funeral contract for someone qualifying for Medicaid.  In addition, the qualifier can use their finances to fund funeral goods for certain family members that will also be exempt from Medicaid.  

PlanB4 guides you through this process to insure that your needs, or those of someone under your care, are; identified, properly funded, compliant and irrevocably assigned to the acceptable standards of a funeral provider and Medicaid / Department of Human Services.

Medicaid Spend Down

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