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The Evolving World of Cremation Planning

There is no template on cremation planning, as every family has different needs at a time of loss.  It is this dynamic that makes exploring all of your options in advance so vital toward celebrating the life of a loved one in the most meaningful way.  Avoidance can come at a big price, both emotionally and financially.

Cremating instead of burial is becoming more popular nowadays due to it being less expensive.  Below are some options to consider when planning a cremation.

Release over water

Perhaps your loved one had a favorite place or you may want to memorialize their life by releasing their ashes across the sea. It is better to use a biodegradable urn that can be dropped in the water that will dissolve.

Check out Passages International who has a wide variety to look at.

Get a small plot for you’re urn

Some cemeteries offer small areas to bury urns or to hold urns so that there is a distinct spot for loved ones to visit the remains of the deceased. Be careful as this can be an expensive service.

Create jewelry

There are some specialty cremation service providers that can turn your loved ones remains into fashionable jewelry!

What is a Columbarium?

It is simply a section in  a cemetery designed to store urns. These can look different in some cases and are generally expensive to keep it going. However, it does give a central location for family members to visit instead of the remains being limited to a certain household.

Be creative!

There are a number of growing creative options like mixing cremated remains into marine reefs. The location of it is mapped out and you would be able to visit by scuba diving for example. A company to check out is Eternal Reefs. which offers this type of service

PlanB4 are advocates of a simple equation: Education + Evaluation = Meaningful Decisions. Allow us to address all of your questions and explain all of your options.